Brave adventures via miniatures

Brave adventures via miniatures

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here we go again!

Well then, whew. I actually put paint to figure on Saturday. My neighbor, and fellow gamer/painter, has also been in a funk. Well, enough of that! We've figured that each Saturday we can spend a few hours painting. This Saturday past I put the basecoat and wash on a LOTR Mordor Orc (must... have... more...). I also splashed some paint on a reaper figure I like.

Pictures to follow as soon as they're done!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Gaming has been going on! Painting, not so much!

After a night spent playing Victoria's Cross, a game about Rorkes Drift, I began to wonder about the poor figures languishing in the garage. Well, this whole blog was supposed to be about motivation, and it hasn't happened.

Sure, I painted for one of the Lead Adventure Leagues (and came in dead last I might add), but that alone wasn't enough to get me started.

Neither was planning and readying; I'm good to go, but haven't done anything.

As it stands, I'm still looking for that internal motivator, I guess I'm at the precontemplative stage, after years! It's okay, I still enjoy the hobby, the collecting, and with some time maybe will get back to putting paint on brush.


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Time, it goes fast, doesn't it? My youngest is going to turn four in a couple of weeks, I've been reassigned to a new job, and... I haven't done anything miniatures related since the end of last year.

Looking back, this time last year I was actually churning out some miniatures. Now that things have come down a bit on the stress level I'm going to have to march out that paintbrush and hit the figs.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and no work being done!

Well, the end of October approaches, and painting has been at a standstill. It's times like these that makes one question the "motivation", or lack thereof, as well as the reality of continuing in this great hobby.

There are many things to consider as I ponder the future of my lead endeavors. I have many hundreds of models, all waiting for the brush. What's the chance I'll get to them? Not sure.

Some ideas about the painting roadblock.

  1. Time- I've mentioned this before, but making time for the hobby has been extremely difficult for me. I've got a spot to work at, I find myself up at night watching the TV, or resting while the kids play yet I have no thought of putting paint on miniatures.
  2. Co-hobbiests- Is that a word? You get the idea, much of my motivation comes from browsing the internet, especially lead adventure forums. This has helped in the past as I entered the lead adventure painters league. Of course I finished last, oh well. That being said, having a friend to plan with, game against, and motivate is of the utmost importance. I do have one, and he only lives about 2 blocks away! To continue this hobby I must get in contact with him as a way to tackle the pile.
  3. Magpie Syndrome- I've seen it called "Magpie Syndrome". You know, the desire to get all miniatures, game all systems, and paint all the myriad armies for said systems? I guess like a Magpie, jumping from thing to thing. I've got this, badly. It was the same for online gaming, or MMORPGS. I would chose one class, then another, then another, never to finish one off. So it goes for miniatures.
With these things in mind, a plan of sorts is in order. I believe the first thing to do is pick an arbitrary time per week to be designated painting only. Just like hitting the gym, or finishing a project, I will dedicate the time to painting (even if it's only a few minutes to start). Getting a buddy should be easy, as I'll ask my friend over, and now comes the hard part. Which game to focus on? I have been pulled towards random-fantasy, you know, getting the Reaper/GW/etc miniatures together and running Mordheim-like battles. Well, I must brush that aside for a bit as I think that focusing on my LOTR army for Mordor will be the most productive, and give the most fun with my hobby partner.

Well, there you go. Time frame? How about starting next week. I'll be checking in to advise my progress (or lack thereof). Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I can see why Blogs crash and burn

It's been almost two months since I've had an update, and longer than that for any real content. Well, summer with the children, work, and all other things takes time away, but hopefully I can load some pictures of some fantasy painting I've been doing.

Until later!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gearing up for Game 2

With a few more orcs ready to go, and a better idea about how to play LOTR Strategy Battle, we're looking at another game in the upcoming weeks. I've got a conference to attend the week of the 28th, but the 4th of July holiday is fast approaching. In the following weeks I'll try and add some more goodies to the force.

My friend has begun to get the miniatures "bug", if you will. He's been gobbling up Mordheim miniatures, and looks motivated to get some painting done. May be a good idea to start up a painting night!

Cheers, here's to a good start to summer!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching up

Haven't done any painting as of late, but just got some orcs up, base coated, and ready to go! I have about 20 more orcs ready to paint, but that may be a little too much for me to do at one setting. Instead, I'm going to break it down into groups of 5 orcs, and try and rush through them, painting them up to a table-top standard.

I've been considering some more fantasy figures, so I've got a few of them base coated as well. Probably to take the time between painting orcs.

I'll post the pictures when I'm done, and we've got another skirmish planned for about mid-month.